Case study: CEREC and an aesthetic emergency
27 October 2017
A case study by Dr. Piotr Strojek.

Seeing patients in transit or tourists who are around just for a day or two is one of the highlights of working on a Mediterranean island, somewhere between Africa and Europe.

The Dental Unit`s full in-house CAD CAM system with scanner, milling unit and porcelain furnace comes in handy quite often... here is a case in point...
Patient with missing 11 direct composite and failing 21 composite. Leaving tomorrow (as usual).
Old composite removed. Preparation. Retraction cord in situ. Ready for scanning.
CEREC 4.4 Software. (Upgarding to 4.5  meanwhile)  
Low Translucency e.max CAD blocks chosen to mask discolourations.
Some artistic touches added during lunchtime. 
 Another one and patient is off...
This happy patient visited me about three months later and brought a friend with him (also leaving tomorrow of course). I had a chance to take this photo...

I prefer to use my technician in anterior to get nicer results although this is not bad for a single visit.