Full mouth rehabilitation with implants
04 September 2015
Mrs M, a 51 year old lady attended the unit rather unhappy about her teeth`s aesthetic situation. She turned up at her first consultation with advanced and painful gum disease. Moreover, her teeth were so mobile that they had drifted forward, creating gaps between her front.
Figure 1: Front teeth before the operation
Her wish was to have a nice broad fixed smile again. She initially had a dental clearance (all teeth removed) and an immediate set of dentures were fitted. A healing period of three months followed. The next stage involved scans and production of 3 D models. The pre-operative planning indicated that the patient would require extensive bone re-contouring, prior to implant placement. This was first performed on 3 D models and the information transferred to a surgical guide.
Figure 2: Surgical Guide
Under general anesthesia, bone re-contouring surgery was performed as planned and six implants were inserted into the upper jaw and five into the lower jaw. An immediate temporary bridge was fitted, followed by a final bridge six months later.
Figure 3: Result, Post-Operation
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