Newsletter No.2
25 April 2017
DIU Newsletter #2
Dr. Susanna K Diacono

With years of experience & extensive studies we know we can blindly turn to Dr Susanna K Diacono for professional treatment on root canal therapy or aesthetic dentistry, but does she also have survival skills? And does she have an artistic eye to capture life? We caught up with one of our specialists at the Dental & Implantology Unit, Dr Susanna K Diacono, to bring you some fun facts on things you didn’t know about her.
Coping with cancer, mouth care
Patients who are receiving cancer therapy often experience side effects including changes in the mouth. Click here for some tips on mouth care that may help prevent or minimize these changes.

Continued Professional Development
Why wait to fix a damaged or weak tooth? The world is full of innovations and that includes dentistry. We are proud to announce that, the Dental & Implantology Unit team just completed an intensive training course to learn about the recent advances in digital dentistry after acquiring the latest hardware from CEREC by Sirona -  including the new scanner, OMNICAM. This new machine enables us to obtain digital images, design and finally fabricate precise CADCAM restorations in house.

This modern technology in dentistry, besides incredible precision, has brought convenience and efficiency, as now crowns and some bridges can be done on the same day within the dental office. 

Investing in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important strategy within the group. It ensures we are up-to-date with our knowledge, skills and capabilities to remain effective, advanced and ultimately offer a better service to our clients.
Dr. Mark Diacono Selected by Straumann Ltd

Dr. Mark Diacono was selected by Straumann Ltd to use their new Bone Level Tapered Implant System prior to its launch to provide feedback on the implant system. The implant system has since been launched to the general market. Cases taken by Dr. Mark Diacono will be presented in Straumann’s new book which will be based on the implant system.
Straumann® Roxolid® SLA
Bone Level Tapered Implants

A 62-year-old female was referred to us as her upper fixed bridge had failed. Radiographs and clinical examination showed that all the supporting teeth had carious lesions below the margins to such an extent that they could not be saved and the adjacent premolars on both sides were also non-restorable: oral hygiene was moderate.
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The Dental and Implantology Unit opened its doors in May 1999. Our practice is situated within Saint James Hospital which is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organisations on the Maltese Islands. Two surgeries were put to immediate use by Mark and Susanna Diacono who had come to live in Malta a year earlier.
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