Teeth Whitening - Are there side effects?
27 September 2018
Is tooth whitening safe? Tooth whitening carried out by a dentist (for the first visit) and under a dentist’s supervision (for the rest of the treatment) is perfectly safe. The dentist will:
  • examine your teeth thoroughly;
  • check your oral health history; and
  • decide with you whether tooth whitening is right for you.
As with any dental or medical treatment, tooth whitening must be tailored to your needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Tell your dentist what you want the tooth whitening to achieve and any concerns you may have. Your dentist will guide you towards the right treatment for you.
It may be that routine professional cleaning by your dentist, together with regular brushing and flossing by you, will give you the ‘stain-free’ natural smile that you’relooking for. You may not need tooth whitening at all.
Are there any side effects? Tooth whitening prescribed and supervised by your dentist does not harm your teeth or general health. The most common side effects are:
  • increased sensitivity of your teeth to hot and cold things;
  • sometimes, irritation inside the mouth.
These side effects usually disappear a few days after stopping treatment but can sometimes last for up to a month. Your dentist can help you to deal with any side effects.
At the Dental & Implantology Unit at Saint James Hospital our dentists have carried out numerous successful teeth whitening consultations and procedures.
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