Will having an implant placed be inconvenient and disruptive?

We will try to make your appointment for implant placement as convenient as possible for you. Placing dental implants involves bone surgery, which may be accompanied by a short period of post operative discomfort and swelling at the side. You are advised therefore not to arrange any important social or work events in the 48 hours immediately following implant placement. Where possible your existing denture will be adjusted to enable you to wear it as soon as possible after the implant in placed. However, if the tissue is swollen around the surgical site, it may have to be left out for some days to avoid pressure from the denture disturbing the gum and / or the underlying implant. This is especially important when bone / gum grafting has been undertaken. This period is usually no more than 48 hours for single teeth but may be up to 2-3 weeks if many teeth are being placed. We will advise you what will be required in your own case. Modified or adjusted dentures may be weaker than they were before modification and care in eating will be required during the implant healing period to avoid breaking your denture.