General consultation and checkup

General consultation and checkup

A general check-up is required for patients of all ages at regular intervals. This help us assess any problems you may have. During the check-up (consultation) the dentist examines all the tissues in and around your mouth, not just your teeth. This enables us to make a correct diagnosis and put together an appropriate treatment plan to suit your needs.

Diagnostic X-ray

A dental x-ray or radiograph is an image of your teeth and its surrounding tissues such as bone, that dentist use to diagnose any abnormalities such as tooth decay, infection of the roots or cysts.

Cancer screenings

Mouth cancer screening is just as important and necessary as cervical, prostate or breast cancer screening. Identifying mouth cancer early, allows for a greater chance for a cure. The dentist will examine you and look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth.

I have never been to a friendlier or nicer dental practice. Nice people, nice environment, good treatment. Could not recommend them more highly.

Mrs. K, Malta